Spring is that magical time when everybody starts feeling bursts of energy and desire to start something new. The same goes for makeup trends: it’s time to forget about those boring winter trends and embrace the changes the upcoming seasons are bringing. Last year was all about rainbow highlighters and matte lips, but 2017 brings forward something completely new.

Lip gloss

Matte lips were so dominant in the streets as well as on red carpets all over the world that designers and models reach for lip gloss with a pang of nostalgia. If you wore matte lipsticks during the previous year, you might want to embrace the refreshing change and try wearing lip gloss once more. It gives great dimension to lips and makes them appear plumper and fuller, while making you look youthful and playful. If you want to wear something more noticeable though, pick a lip gloss that has a shimmery silver touch and which appears almost holographic.

New level of statement lips


Pouting is much more noticeable when you dare to wear eye-catching lipstick. Still, for those who enjoy drawing everyone’s attention and like showing off their pretty plump lips, this year’s statement lips trend, glitter lips, is just right. Pouts covered in glitter are taking ‘standard’ statement lips to the next level and they create a whole new dimension starting from ombre all the way to an overlay of glitter. Experiment by wearing standard satiny lipstick and then put just a dab of high-glitter lip gloss right in the center of your lips. Also, you can buy small packs of glitter and sprinkle them over colorless lip gloss for that ‘wow’ effect.

Brave enough for baby blue?

This is a trend which is so extravagant, that you’ll draw everyone’s attention the moment you step in the room. Still, it’s bolder than bold statement lips so you might want to save this one for a wild night out rather than office or school. Wearing baby blue lipstick will make you look totally badass, and it’s completely irrelevant which skin tone you have – it will look great. For a more futuristic look, try lining the inner corners of your eyes with metallic silver or adding a bit of silver glitter to your lips as well so they match your eyes. If you worry about wearing such striking hues because you have braces, there are invisible braces which are the best choice for those who would like to keep showing off their pearly whites.

Entirely different kind of nude

If you’re not ready to dive into the vibrant world of blues and glitters, there are other lipstick colors which will make you look elegant as well as stylish. Subtlety is much appreciated in more ‘strict’ places like school or office, so a new shade of nude lipstick may be just what you are looking for. Chestnut rose is a lovely shade that isn’t nude, but isn’t quite pink either – this magical understated tawny rose hue is just perfect. It will make you look both feminine and edgy, which is what statement lips are all about.

For those who are not willing to follow new trends there is always a possibility to experiment and perhaps come up with something new others will love as well. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and don’t blindly follow trends. Keep your lips pretty and healthy because that is already half the work done, and by all means, wander outside the boundaries of old trends – that is where the best ideas come from.

Writen by Diana


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