Fashvo fashion weekend Round up! Focus is #swahilifashionweek2017, congratulation Afroswaga (fashion blog of the year 2017) Fashion designer Samuel Zebedayo” uniqueness, Bijoux Trendy red carpet looks from day 1 to 3.

Hello December, in Tanzania this weekend was about Swahili fashion week I mean in the fashion scenario as we all aware that this year Swahili fashion week marked the 10 anniversaries of the annual fashion event. As a Fashvo fashion weekend round up we decide to focus on this event,

First congratulation to our fellow blogger Afroswagga for being the winner of FASHION BLOG OF THE YEAR 2017 as you are aware we were the nominees too(we would like to take this chance to thank those who voted for us ,thanks very much lets keep up with Fashvo)

We love how designers showed their creativity, but we love more how Fashion Designer Samuel Zebedayo proved to us that modelling is not about being skinny is about how you fit and look, big up bro! see photos of plus size model doing their thing!

Speaking about fashion event without red carpet? no way But on a serious note we love Bijoux trend looks from day 1 to 3

Day one,Jumpsuit from Zara,Jimmy Choo shoes
Day 2,Dress fro H&M,AND CL shoes
Day 3 she was dressed by #jamillaveraswai

Can you please share what was so exciting to you during #swahilifashionweek2017??

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