If you are going for an evening event, you don’t need a handbag that is extra ordinarily busy. You need one that is subtle and enchanting. With a good evening designer bag, you can effortlessly improve your look without even putting too much on. These bags also make for good conversation if they are designer bags because people always want to know about good quality. We will be taking a look at 5 of the most versatile designer evening bags that you can wear with just any outfit and you can even use at other times of the day. The internet abounds in ideas and news about fashion trends.

#.1 Tom Clovers Summer Glamour hard case clutch: If you are going for an evening event, there are very few fashion items that can nail your appearance quite like this bag. One of the best things about this is that it is completely affordable. It was created especially for use within parties, weddings and perhaps even a prom event. This bag has the cutest rhinestone finishing that would see you remain feminine and chic. It is very durable and comes with a lot of functionality like you wouldn’t expect. It is also very light, allowing you to easily carry it around the room.#.2.Carlo Fellini Evening Bag: This evening bag from Carlo Fellini is perfect to go with your evening dresses. The bag has a very stylish clutch pattern that is really versatile because it also doubles as a shoulder bag. This bag maintains a very classic look to it and has been designed to withstand even the toughest abuse. There are a lot of components that benefit the user in more ways than once. It is a great bag for women that are constantly on the move and it also gives you a lot of space to keep all of your belongings.

# 3. Chicastic Rhinestone Cocktail evening bag: This evening cocktail bag is beautifully designed with rhinestones that will enable you to be the life of the party. It is the ideal bag for you if you are going for a glamorous look. It comes with a satin base that cushions the arm of the wearer and a design that is suitable for storing all of your items. There is a detachable strap that makes the bag to double as a shoulder bag. The bag doesn’t look cheap in the least bit but it is completely affordable.# 4. VOCHIC Women’s floral evening clutch purse: Okay, it is safe to say that evening clutch purses are completely dominating our list but why wouldn’t they? You can purchase this bag at a very affordable price and its black beaded pattern allows you to wear it with just about any outfit.# 5..MG Collection Ginny Beaded Rose Evening Bag: This is another affordable designer bag that can be used at any event. It is the top of our list at the moment and comes with a beaded rose back that gives it a professional look to it. There is also a very large storage space

Writen by Rebecca Lindan!


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